The YYC Science Bowl is comprised of three rounds, designed to address all aspects of the sciences. In order for a more holistic competition, competitors will not only have to answer questions about biology, chemistry, and physics, but will also have to design an object and answer general questions about the sciences based on information in the General Knowledge subject guide. It’s not only about who can memorize the most facts, but who can apply it as well.

Round 1

In Round 1, contestants will be given a number of questions in a written questionnaire. Certain questions will be weighted higher than others and will carry more points. Group members are able to discuss, and converse amongst one another in order to come to an answer. The questionnaire is based on the subject guides found here.

Round 2

Round 2 is a design challenge. It is a construction challenge where students will be supplied with basic materials and will be given a time limit to create a solution to the given problem. Points will be given based on five criteria: how well the creation meets specifications, the teamwork of the group, the aesthetics of the creation, the group's explanation of design, and how effectively the group used given materials.

Round 3

Round 3 is the final round of the competition. It is a buzzer event that tests general knowledge. The team that buzzes in will get a chance to answer the question. If the answer is correct, the team will gain a point, and the competition moves on to the next question. Once all questions are exhausted, the points in the final round will be tallied and the winners determined.